I have served as a business development consultant many times in a variety of capacities. Initially much of my efforts focused on LASIK companies, like LCA-Vision, and several large ophthalmology practices like Sugarbush Eye and Laser Centre.

I eventually began to provide consulting services to a broader array of medical specialties including bariatric surgery and radiology, as well as non-medical endeavors including an electric car company. 

One of my favorite consulting experiences involved a company that assembled artistic beads used as bookmarks in Nicaragua. It was there I learned about micro economics and developed some great relationships with organizations such as World Relief. 

My areas of expertise include:

  • Management Platforms and Systems 
  • Marketing Plans
  • Business Design/Structure
  • Risk Analysis and Internal Controls
  • Exit Strategy 

To me, providing business advice comes down to using common sense enhanced by experience. I like to reduce things to writing because the process always enhances the clarity of one’s thinking. It results in a permanent record which allows success to be readily measured. And to me it’s the best form of communication.