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bookendsThe Bookends of The Christian Life was co-authored with Jerry Bridges to use the creative metaphor of “bookends” to help us fully embrace the two things that are absolutely crucial for staying steady in the Christian life: our justification in Christ and the transformative power of the Holy Spirit. Here is a guide to experiencing the peace, joy, and stability we all desire.

Here’s one of its endorsements:

“Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington look at the Christian life through a wide-angle lens, examining the framework that supports, stabilizes and secures the believer’s life in Christ. They teach elements of a distinctly biblical worldview, leaning upon the righteousness of Christ on one hand and upon the power of the Holy Spirit on the other. A wise and powerful book, one I heartily recommend.”                                                                  —Tim Challies, blogger at

The Bookends of the Christian Life Crossway Review

www.The has more info and free sample chapters


The Great Exchange: My Sin for His Righteousness also co-Authored with Jerry in an effort to demonstrate how believers often take for granted the great act of salvation provided to us by the work of Jesus Christ. Beginning with the Old Testament sacrifices anexchanged the prophecies that foreshadowed Christ, we guide believers through the biblical overview of Christ’s atonement. The Great Exchange helps believers see how the Old Testament practices tie in with the New Testament discussion of Christ’s great work of salvation. As believers work through these principles, they will begin to recognize that even though we deserve condemnation and punishment from a holy God, he has given us the opportunity to experience his great riches through his Son. The clear gospel message presented throughout the entire book offers a great appreciation of Christ for believers and an opportunity for salvation for unbelievers.

A Couple of the Endorsements:

“As Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington have shown, the cross brings a timely and unparalleled message of costly love and forgiveness. Their work is a thorough examination of this rich truth in the Scriptures, and you will be richer for their biblical insights.”
—Ravi Zacharias, Founder and President, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

“The next time I am asked for my top-ten reading list, this will be included! Clear and comprehensive, it leaves the reader in no doubt that this “great exchange” is not only the heart of biblical theology but also the pivotal event of human history.”                                                                            —Alistair Begg, Pastor, Conference Speaker, and Author

The Gospel Coalition: The Great Exchange

The Great Exchange Crossway Review has more info and free sample chapters


Good News About Satan: A Gospel Look at Spiritual Warfare is a short, reader-friendly text that cites no extra-biblical sources. Instead, it walks the reader through the plain teachings of Scripture regarding Satan, demons, and spiritual warfare, at all times from anWARFARE-COLOR-BIG-300 explicitly gospel-centered perspective that exalts the sovereignty of God and the finished work of Christ as paramount. Because of this focus, the book, while treating our enemy soberly and seriously, is devoid of the unfruitful speculations and illegitimate extrapolations so common to this topic. For these and other reasons, this book differs significantly from nearly every other book on the subject.

For authentic Christians, the bad news of Satan and the kingdom of darkness, while serious, is overshadowed by the good news of Jesus and the Kingdom of God. Yes, there is a cosmic clash. Yes, we are in the middle of it. Yes, we need to become equipped to recognize and resist the enemy. But those who are united to Christ by genuine faith need not fear Satan. Not now. Not ever. The truth can be summed up in this simple statement: The good news about Jesus, the victorious one, far outweighs the bad news about Satan, the evil one.

A Couple of the Endorsements:

“The literature on spiritual warfare is often speculative and sensational. It’s hard to know what authors to trust. But spiritual warfare is certainly an important biblical topic; from one perspective it is the central topic of the whole Bible. So it’s important that believers get sober and reliable guidance on the subject. Bob Bevington’s book is one of the most helpful. He has not put to rest all of the controversies in this area, but his book is reliable, biblical, and practical. It is easy to understand and challenges our spiritual complacency.”                                                                             —Dr. John M. Frame, theologian and author

“Christians tend to fall into one of two camps when it comes to Satan and spiritual warfare: it becomes everything (resembling a Hollywood horror movie) or nothing (resembling a naturalistic worldview). Enter Bob Bevington, a wise teacher who decided to investigate for himself what the Bible really says—and doesn’t say. The result is a careful and lively introduction to these important issues. The title is not a typo: understood in the grand storyline of Scripture, there really is good news about Satan. Read this book, prepare for battle, and rejoice in the victory that has been won and the glory that will shine more brightly.”
—Justin Taylor, blogger at The Gospel Coalition and author Article: Why Satan Exists: For Christ’s Glory and Your Joy

Spiritual Warfare? Here’s the Good News!


rlb cover drop shadow

Red Like Blood. Co-Authored with Pastor Joe Coffey, Red Like Blood is the over-arching story of the Bible, the story of salvation: the amazing grace of God in Jesus Christ impacting our brokenness, drenching us in forgiveness and mercy.

It is told through the lives of two men a prodigal and a pastor s kid whose broken lives are forever stained the color of grace as they are confronted by the One who meets them in their hopelessness and despair, bringing redemption and healing. Red Like Blood chronicles the power of the gospel in all of its life-changing fullness. It is a story that should challenge, encourage and empower us all.


The Gospel Coalition: Red Like Blood

Red Like Blood – Facebook

Bob Bevington, Joe Coffey Series |

The Blog, Broken at His Feet, Reviews RLB

Michael Boling Reviews Red Like Blood



Here’s perhaps the most useful thing I have ever written, a mere blog post:

Jesus’ SCARS: How to Spend Quality Time with God

Here’s a blog post I wrote for The Gospel Coalition in memory of my mentor, friend,    and sometimes co-author, Jerry Bridges:

The Gospel Coalition – On Jerry Bridges

I was one of Jerry’s intimate prayer partners. We would call each other at the drop of a hat whenever there was a need. And since there was always a need, we talked a lot. In the eyes of many, Jerry was a giant of the Christian faith. Yet in his Jerry and Bobown eyes, he was never more than an undeserving sinner redeemed by Christ. Those who knew him best understood that Jerry’s humility was the key to his greatness





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